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The key to automated company-wide training management requirements.

MyCareerBase is the National Qualification and Training Management Solutions application in Australia. MyCareerBase’s aim is to is simplify qualifications and training management. Our solution for onboarding is designed to overcome manual onboarding challenges by automating and removing many of the manual paper handling and document processing steps

MyCareerBase offers a reliable solution that enables companies to assess their risk exposure and certification obligations.

MyCareerBase aims to bridge a gap in these industries and solve the problem of onboarding and qualification expiry alerts, combining various industries such as recruitment, registered training organizations (RTO) and having the ability to search for jobs. The database will enable individuals to upload their qualifications and track the qualification by inputting expiry details. Search for jobs, plan and book training and make the onboarding process to businesses simple and efficient.

Use our tool to:

  • Manage, track and report on employee training, licenses and professional development required by employees in their jobs.
  • Facilitate compliance with regulations and contractual obligations required by core business activities.
  • Quickly and accurately provide and verify evidence of certification to vendors and suppliers
  • Communicate status of certifications to all interested parties including employees, managers, legal and human resources.

Connecting individuals and businesses.

Individual profiles are free of charge, individuals add their qualification and work details. Showcase your work experience with validated certificates and qualifications. Ensure your licenses and tickets are valid and up to date.

  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Instant export of data to businesses training matrix
  • Email notifications of expiry
  • And more

Connecting organisations and individuals.

Get real-time updates about your employees' license validity, qualifications, induction tickets, and criminal history to stay 100% compliant. With a huge database of candidates, you can be sure that you'll be able to find the candidates that you are looking for.

  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Free up admin time
  • Centralize your organization’s training data
  • Streamline training set-up, scheduling and assignment
  • Reduce training costs
  • Instant import of data
  • Email notifications of expiry
  • And more

Individuals, staff, clients or both can schedule training and see availability of courses in real time. Reduce friction and allow people to book quickly and effortlessly.

Works for individuals, and business from sole proprietorships to multi-location companies, in any industry needing to book training courses.

Simplicity is key: a simple course booking process with no separate registration to encourage more bookings. Only what matters to save everybody time.

Handy reminders: reduce no shows, we can notify you, your staff and clients via email.

Flexible rules: schedule irregular hours, allow some things at certain times with different rules, and more. Chances are we can match your current practices.

Check anywhere: see appointments on your preferred device.

We help people get a career not a job

If the career is online, you will find it on MyCareerBase

MyCareerBase enables you to search careers posted on our careers board. No matter where a career is posted, it will be easy to find when you use MyCareerBase.

  • Web
    Find a career using your desktop, mobile or tablet
  • Email
    Get daily emails with careers that match any search. Also, when employers look at your profile
  • Mobile
    Find that careers on-the-go using our mobile website and apps.

A simple resume that works for you

Create a MyCareerBase profile, input your career history and let employers find you. With a MyCareerBase Resume it is easy to apply to jobs posted on MyCareerBase, even from your smartphone or tablet.

If the career is online, you will find it on MyCareerBase

MyCareerBase enables you to search careers posted on our career board. No matter where a job is posted, it will be easy to find when you use MyCareerBase.

We can help you hire

  • MyCareerBase for Employers provides easy and effective ways to hire.
  • MyCareerBase is passionate about delivering the right person for every position.
  • MyCareerBase aims to help companies of all sizes hire the best talent and offers the best opportunity for career seekers to secure their next position.

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